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Creating A New Task Generates Date Format Error

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Creating A New Task Generates Date Format Error

Post by wingusupport » Mon Mar 08, 2021 5:22 pm

When creating a "New Task" using date format mm/dd/yyyy, upon clicking "Submit" button, an error pop-up box displays with error report "Date format: dd/mm/yyyy" and an "OK" button. Clicking the "OK" button simply returns to the input screen. Can not proceed any further. It seems the New Task input box expects only date format of mm/dd/yyyy.

I confirmed after changing my date format in profile back to dd/mm/yyyy, that the by clicking Submit, everything works as it expected the dd/mm/yyyy format. Switching back to mm/dd/yyyy

Switching back to mm/dd/yyyy caused the error to return.

Also, as side note, when switching date format in profile, I am immediately logged out of the application and must log back in.

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