1.50.00 Tutorial

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1.50.00 Tutorial

Post by Ralf »

1) The tutorial will not start again on the second login attempt.

It seems at the first time the tutorial pop-up is already setting the time stamp in the database. So, if you press "don't show again" or not - it will not be offered a second time (unless you set "tutoriel" to "NULL" in the database).

2) The "next/previous" buttons don't work properly, if you use Firefox (it works well in Chrome, Sophie is already aware of this issue).

3) Feature request:
An "enable/disable tutorial" checkbox in the general settings would be great.
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Re: 1.50.00 Tutorial

Post by soplanning »

1) the tutorial will start again some days later if you just closed id without clicking "don't show again".

2) the issue is fixed, we updated the version, you can download it again

3) we keep the idea about the enable/disable. thanks.
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