Partial assignment of resources

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Alex French
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Partial assignment of resources

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I have installed this and i am testing some of the features out - it seems to be a very elegant, easy to use scheduling tool - so Thank you !

One question / feature request. When I assign a resource it always assigns that resource for 100% of their time. Would it be possible to have a 'feature' where we can assign (for example) 50% of a resources time to one task and 50% of their time to another task ?


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Re: Partial assignment of resources

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it's not possible currently.
It could be the case in a future version, but it's not a priority for the moment.
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Re: Partial assignment of resources

Post by binoyte »

I need this feature.

My coworker may work on several tasks simultaneously. It would be easier to assign a percentage for everyday between the beginning and the end of the task. . My workaround now a day, consists of assigning a task per hour and repeating it every day until the last day. It's paining to manage such a task.

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