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link/combine different tasks and select multiple days and people

Posted: 08 Mar 2023, 10:53
by MiekeS
Goodmorning SO planning,

We are so happy to use your planning tool.

I work at an ICT company and i plan a lot of tasks for the ICT team.
i've got 2 question about how to plan tasks.

1 Is it possible within so planning to link tasks so that I can plan the linked task in one move instead of planning separate tasks that belong together each time.

it know takes a really long time for me to plan. I need to plan in a wide date window and it takes a lot of time to get it planned and for the page to refresh every single tasks. you can see in the attachement an axemple.

as you can see in one of the pictures Storin, DC, ISO, WC and WC(different kind of task) need to be together every week en are repeated each week. If these tasks are linked to each other than it is just one move to plan instead of 5 moves.

2 The second question i have if: is it possible to select multiple days an people to plan a task for and on a specific date.
So you can see in one of the pictures i need to plan service desk (SD) for example. If i can select multiple dates and people so the tasks will come there it is a lot less moves for me to make. Now i need to copy the task to one person and one day at the time.

Hopefully you can help me and will this be a possible tool for in the future.


Re: link/combine different tasks and select multiple days and people

Posted: 09 Mar 2023, 07:51
by soplanning

1) no, you can't link tasks.
Instead you can "postpone" a whole project by shifting all tasks (or only some, based on date).
Just click on the arrow close to the project name, please use the project view to be able to see it.

2) It's not possible to select multiple dates at the same time.
We understand the goal for you, but it's currently not a main request by our customers.
We keep the idea in our list anyway.
Best regards