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People Usage Graph (histogram) with vertical bars

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People Usage Graph (histogram) with vertical bars

Post by tecnodaniel » Wed Jun 17, 2020 12:09 pm


You have the User Stats Graph which is very helpful to be able to see each person load of work assigned so that we could know if there is an overload or a low load for any person. That's fine ... but ... if we could see it using vertical bars instead of the line graph it would be much better for us since the line graph sometimes confuse us.

Also, please fix the graph to be able to see it in a responsive way since now it is been shown not responsive.

Thanks bros ...


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Re: People Usage Graph (histogram) with vertical bars

Post by soplanning » Wed Jun 17, 2020 12:33 pm

We are looking about replacing the current chart library by another one, more flexible.
We'll see if we can propose vertical bar chart in addition to line chart, it's a question of personal preference.

thanks for reporting the idea

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